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Empowering Condominium Associations

Providing Effective Solutions

Our organization can assist in proper developer turnover, coordinating orderly turnover of all condominium association instruments.


We provide extensive Board Of Directors training to all members of the condominium board, to establish effective and efficient leadership within their respective offices.


We facilitate and attend condominium association meetings, including quarterly, annual and emergency meetings. We provide resources, proper notices, audio recording and meeting minutes. We ensure that all meetings comply with Robert's Rules of Order and State Condominium Regulations.


Our company also mediates conflict in compliance with condominium declarations and by-laws in  conjunction with your attorneys for legal litigation as needed.

T.H.E. Management will pay all association bills, and keep a running account of the status of delinquent unit owners. We will also work with the Board of Directors, to set up a condominium association bank account.


We will act as a voice on behalf of your condo association, mailing out late notices to delinquent unit owners following condominium declarations regarding remedies.


We keep track of and generate monthly revenue, and expenditure statements. We also send out monthly progress reports.


Our team will ensure corporate compliance, and observe the legalities involved in changing registered agents, condominium structure status, knowing previous meeting minutes,  reviewing insurance policy, ensuring that condominium board elections meet Illinois State Law Compliance, and purchasing corporate set.

Identifying Needs


Every condominium has its own unique challenges. Whether you are a new condo owner or have owned property for some time, a new association or one that has been in existence for years, whether you are self-manages or have a management company, we can still help!


We deal regularly  with foreclosures, unit owners with gross assessments in arrears, maintenance and repairs or building code violations. We also deal with associations with limited funds in their reserves.

We Provide 24-hour emergency response.


Our services are tailored to meet your association's needs and budget.


We offer continuing support to struggling condo associations, providing you with guidance, assistance, and training you need to avoid potential pitfalls and unnecessary expenses associated with condo management.

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